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          3.3V, 3.2Gbps VCSEL Driver


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          Description 3.2Gbps VCSEL Driver
          Applications Multirate gigabit Ethernet optical transmitters, fiber channel optical transmitters, Infiniband optical transmitters, short-haul backplane data transport
          Features 155Mbps to 3.2Gbps laser transmitter, highly integrated digital control, temperature compensated modulation and automatic power control for consistent, stable eye diagram
          Supply Voltage Range 3.3V
          Extended Temp E
          Packages QFN-16
          Featured yes
          Date Added 1984-01-01
          Price 1k * $5.15 (LTC5100EUF)
          New no

          60ps Rise and Fall Times, 10ps Deterministic Jitter
          155Mbps to 3.2Gbps Laser Diode Driver for VCSELs*
          Eye Diagram is Stable and Consistent Across Modulation Range and Temperature
          1mA to 12mA Modulation Current
          Easy Board Layout, Laser can be Remotely Located if Desired
          No Input Matching or AC Coupling Components Needed
          On-Chip ADC for Monitoring Critical Parameters
          Digital Setup and Control with I2C? Serial Interface
          Emulation and Set-Up Software Available**
          Operates Standalone or with a Microprocessor
          On-Chip DACs Eliminate External Potentiometers
          Constant Current or Automatic Power Control
          First and Second Order Temperature Compensation
          On-Chip Temperature Sensor
          Extensive Eye Safety Features
          Single 3.3V Supply
          4mm x 4mm QFN Package



          The LTC?5100 is a 3.2Gbps VCSEL driver offering an unprecedented level of integration and high speed performance. The part incorporates a full range of features to ensure consistently outstanding eye diagrams. The data inputs are AC coupled, eliminating the need for external capacitors. The LTC5100 has a precisely controlled 50 Ohm output that is DC coupled to the laser, allowing arbitrary placement of the IC. No coupling capacitors, ferrite beads or external transistors are needed, simplifying layout, reducing board area and the risk of signal corruption. The unique output stage of the LTC5100 confines the modulation current to the ground system, isolating the high speed signal from the power supply to minimize RFI.
          The LTC5100 supports fully automated production with its extensive monitoring and control features. Integrated 10-bit DACs eliminate the need for external potentiometers. An onboard 10-bit ADC provides the laser current and voltage, as well as monitor diode current and temperature. Status information is available from the I2C serial interface for feedback and statistical process control.
          An internal digital controller compensates laser temperature drift and provides extensive laser safety features.
          I2C is a trademark of Philips Electronics N.V. *Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser **Downloadable from www.linear.com

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